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Ever noticed the ‘fakeness’ of all the
“proofs” that most ‘gurus’ share on their sales pages?
If you’ve paid attention you’ll find almost all of their income proofs come from the same few affiliate networks!!
Almost no one shows earnings that they are making with the product they’re selling.
That’s just one of the ways this product is
completely different:
Those are 3 of the income streams that we are pulling in right now with the EXACT same automated system
you’ll be getting.
When we say this is
The Ultimate Shortcut
Tired of failure yet?
While everyone claims making money online is “easy”,
the reality is that it very quickly turns into a MASSIVE chore.
  • ​You have pages to build.
  • ​You have sales copy to write.
  • You have funnels to build.
  • ​You have traffic to send.
  • ​​You have conversions to test.
...and after all that, repeat it across multiple industries to FINALLY get a solid residual income going.

This process takes weeks, if not months, and thousands of dollars in ad costs and testing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a liar, or extremely lucky.

There’s no other way around it.
with the exact same system that we’ve been using to produce income across multiple verticals like this:
So What Exactly Is The Ultimate Shortcut?
We will give you the EXACT funnel we use, then allow you to copy it over in a single click.
You don’t need any hosting, or any expensive landing page builder!
Just click a button and you’re
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We are going to connect in 12 UNIQUE income streams from all sorts of different industries - healthcare, travel, ecommerce, digital products and more!
We will give you the EXACT ads and traffic source to plug into to start generating fat commissions immediately!
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No Memberships - One Time Payment

Now Is A Good Time To Forget What You've Been Taught From The "Broke Gurus"...


FALSE: You Need Sites, Funnels And Landing Page Systems

FALSE: You Need Complex PPC, SEO Crap And YouTube Videos

FALSE: You Need To Make Products Or Buy Inventory

Actually there is no easy way around that... unless you have THE ULTIMATE SHORTCUT

TRUE: You Do NOT Need To Build Any Sites, Funnels Or Landing Pages [Everything Is Already Done And Hosted For You!]

TRUE: You Do NOT Need Complex PPC, SEO Crap And YouTube Videos [We Give You The Traffic Sources!]

TRUE: You Do NOT Need Products Or Buy Inventory [None Of That ‘Ecommerce’ Nonsense - The Platform Handles It For You!]

This Is Your Ultimate Shortcut That Will Have You Up And Going INSTANTLY With Earnings Like This:
All you need to do is click below to get started now at an
Usually, all these belong to our “insider members” only. And I'm talking about people that had paid us $1,000 at minimum... because with this golden info is exactly how we're pulling in $10k+ every month!

During this specific launch we have decided to do something crazy...

This pretty much means, that if you're seeing this page now, then you can get this huge discount.

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You won’t pay $500…

You won’t pay even $100…

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No Memberships - One Time Payment
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1. Is this really beginner friendly?
Ans - I cannot stress this enough - this is the MOST beginner friendly system I’ve ever seen in my 10 years of making an income online. There are no sites to build, no lists to manage, no products to buy, no research to perform - it’s all handed to you on a silver platter!

2. What extra budget do I need?
Ans - you do not need a large budget outside of this course itself. Your cost of products, services, customer support, and even incentives/ads will be covered with the platform you will be using. You also do not need an autoresponder or landing page software and a hosting account. All of these are covered with the way we teach setting everything. Combined all of your cost to get going will be under $100. You can, of course, choose to spend more to increase your results through additional paid ads and such but it is not required.

3. How much time per day do I need to spend on this?
Ans - Less than an hour per day in the beginning, and less than 30 minutes per day once you have everything set up.

4. Do you have any upgrades available?
Ans - Yes! We have 3 upgrades available:

Upgrade 1 - The Multiplier - This allows you to get paid for OTHER people’s sales! Meaning you can leverage all the work being done by others, and simply collect bonus commissions and earnings without even doing any of the work yourself! (This is NOT about affiliate marketing! This is a totally new, unseen concept!)

Upgrade 2 - Insta Profits BluePrint - This is our complete system that can be deployed for you with a literal single click. It builds upon both the main Ultimate Shortcut, and The Multiplier upgrade to start building passive income for you across 12 different industries. You will not need any sales funnels, traffic sources, or tech stuff on your side - it is all done completely automatically for you.

Upgrade 3 - The Privileged Club - This is the final upgrade and suited for those that are serious about scaling a 6 figure business in the next few months. This is a CLOSE LIMITED GROUP for our highest level members that get some exclusive benefits from our contacts. This includes some very unique advantages! You receive upto $10,000 per month to put towards your business growth in the form of product and service inventories that are covered for you! We also have a close call with the members in this group, and give access to our closed “co-op”.

All of the upgrades are optional and are NOT required for the core Ultimate Shortcut to work!

Is there support available?
Ans - Yes! We treat our customers like our partners and you receive ongoing support for each of our products with our dedicated product specialists!

Can I purchase this at a later date?
Ans - The pricing available right now is 85% off the regular price of this system. This price will only be maintained for this special launch and will be increased later. You may be able to join later at an increased price.

(No worries, you can review your order during checkout)
No Memberships - One Time Payment
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
We are 100% confident that "The Ultimate Shortcut" is a top quality system. You will definitely learn a simple, fun and addictive way to build a stress-free income online.

If for any reason you are not happy with it, please send us an email at and a full refund will be processed within 1-2 business days.

Which basically means that... you have NO risk.
Make money or your money back.
No questions asked!
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